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Subscription Boxes

Our zine box subscriptions will break out of traditional publishing structures by emphasizing shorter narratives and the power of play.

Our mission:

The publishing industry does not reflect the multifaceted, multicultural reality we inhabit, and invalidates the experiences of little black and brown children who are tasked with navigating a world that does not value their stories. This makes it harder for children from BIPOC backgrounds to see themselves as the protagonists of their own special stories, having unique and special adventures that speak to their everyday lived realities.

We want to change this.


Help Anchovy Press Publish Our First Illustrated Children's Book!

We are seeking your support to produce and publish our first book, Made in Stone, in collaboration with the Nashville-based collective, Uncolonial History. 

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Anchovy Press is an independent publishing company based in Baltimore, Maryland, dedicated to storytelling that centers BIPOC experiences. 
Created by two teaching artists, Anchovy Press seeks to pave a new way of thinking about children, entertainment, and education. 

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